vineri, 4 martie 2016

Rover P6 1971 - World Of Classic Cars -

Rover P6 1971

The Rover P6 series was produced from 1963 to 1977 in Solihull and was the sixth and the last of the 'P' designated Rover designs to reach production. The vehicle was marketed first as the Rover 2000 and with a completely new design, was intended to appeal to a larger number of buyers; the P5 was sold alongside the P6 until 1973. The 3500 was advanced for the time with a De Dion tube suspension at the rear and four-wheel disc brakes (inboard on the rear). The unibody design featured non-stressed panels bolted to a unitry frame, similar to the Citroën DS and won industry awards for safety when it was introduced. The car featured all-round seat belts and a carefully designed 'safety' interior. One innovative feature was the prism of glass on the top of the front side lights. This allowed the driver to see the front corner of the car in low light conditions. The Rover P6 series was voted European Car of the Year in 1964; the very first winner of this title. Rover made an attempt to break into the North American market with the P6 beginning with the Rover 2000TC.