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Mercedes-Benz 230 Universal 1966 - World Of Classic Cars -

Mercedes-Benz 230 Universal 1966

The W110 'Fintail' was a line of midsize cars developed by Mercedes-Benz in the mid-1960s. They were introduced with the 190c and 190Dc saloon in April 1961, replacing the W120 180c/180Dc and W121 190b/190Db and was the first series of Mercedes-Benz cars to be extensively crash tested for occupant safety. The body was derived from the W111 series but with a 145mm shorter nose and rounded headlights, although the rear end was identical to the W111 220b. The interior layout and dimensions were also identical to the W111 220b but with fewer options such as fixed-back seats and bakelite trim on the dashboard. Because the 190c and 190Dc models were basically a W111 220b with a shorter front, they offered the same interior and luggage space as the W111 series but with smaller and more fuel efficient engines. The Mercedes-Benz 230 Universal is based on a W110 Fintail with the cars then being sent to Malines in Belgium to be converted to an estate model.

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