vineri, 4 martie 2016

Mercedes-Benz 230 CE Pillarless Coupé 1985 - World Of Classic Cars -

Mercedes-Benz 230 CE Pillarless Coupé 1985

The W123 Series surpassed the W114 model range as the most successful Mercedes-Benz ever, selling 2.7 million cars between 1975 and 1986. Models included four-door saloons, coupés and, for the first time, estates.
The coupé, featuring a shorter wheelbase than the standard saloon, was introduced in Spring 1976. Electronic fuel injected engines were introduced in 1980 making  the cars faster and more reliable with all cars fitted with power steering from 1982. Build quality set new standards at the time in its class and the W123 compounded the reputation of Mercedes-Benz for engineering advancement and design. The coupés were sleek and elegant with many high profile personalities choosing to own one. In the UK, prices were high but this did not prevent the range, in all forms, from being extremely successful.