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Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria 1939

For Packard, 1939 was a year of transition and a year to celebrate success. It was the company’s 40th anniversary in business, and Packard had become the most respected automotive manufacturer in the world. For its top-of-the-line V-12 models, now in their final season, only a few visual changes were undertaken, in addition to the newly optional column-shifted manual transmission. All Twelves were built strictly on a per-order basis, with each being virtually custom-made to the specifications of the original owner.
The convertible Victoria presented here is believed to have been one of a handful built as part of 1939’s 17th Series. The vehicle number plate on the firewall is a reproduction, stamped with what is believed to be this car’s original engine number. The presently fitted engine, which has been with the car for its entire known history, is a virtually identical 1938 unit.
Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria 1939

The car was previously owned by John and Koko Carlson, longtime CCCA members from Port Moody, British Columbia, in whose ownership it was featured in Beverly Rae Kimes's 1990 book, "The Classic Car." Kimes noted, "With its high rear-end gear ratio, the Carlsons' Twelve is capable of better than 100 mph, which John documented in July of 1986."
Subsequently, the Twelve was purchased by Packard collector John Hamilton, from whom the current caretaker purchased it for his own illustrious stable in January 2007. It has since undergone a complete restoration, with invoices on file for over $229,000 of work performed between 2010 and 2013. The majority of the mechanical work and bodywork was completed by Netcong Auto Restoration of Netcong, New Jersey, with finishing work by Prueitt Automotive Restoration of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. Steve Littin’s well-known Vintage & Auto Rebuilds of Chardon, Ohio, was responsible for the beautiful interior, while the chrome was re-plated by Brightworks.
Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria 1939

Still appearing freshly finished in all regards, with its deep and rich Packard Blue finish, this Twelve is certainly among the most nicely finished examples of its kind.