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Ferrari 328 GTS 1988

Arguably Pininfarina’s most classic design from the 1970s and ’80s is that of the Ferrari 308. Boasting a much more forward-thinking and angular design than its voluptuous predecessor, the 246 Dino, the 308 was an instant hit and became one of Ferrari’s most iconic automobiles.
Over time, Ferrari’s engineers were able to gradually improve the 308 platform without losing the original car’s character, and they eventually introduced the improved 328. Externally, the 328 exhibited several subtle differences from its predecessors, including molded bumpers, a slightly smaller front grille, and a roof spoiler. Pininfarina’s designers also smoothed out the body contours to make it appear more organic overall. The interior was addressed as well; new, more supportive seats were fitted, and ergonomics were refined.
Ferrari 328 GTS 1988

Of course, the engine was addressed too, and cubic capacity was increased to 3,186 cubic centimeters through increasing the bore and stroke, hence the car’s designation of “328.” Horsepower was increased to 270 brake horsepower at 7,000 rpm, leading the 328 to a top speed of 160 mph with a 0–60 mph time of 5.5 seconds, estimable performance even by today’s standards.
Finished in Rosso Corsa with an unusual and attractive brown leather interior and carpeting. The car received its last major service in September 2011 at Continental Auto Sports of Hinsdale, Illinois, and has been driven very sparingly since.
In terms of an “entry level” Ferrari, it is difficult for one to do better than a 328. With a reputation for being well built, reliable, relatively affordable, and easy to maintain, it is no wonder why the model has such a passionate following.