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Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe 1974

The year 1974 marked a watershed year for the Porsche 911. It was the first year of the new G series, which introduced a strengthened chassis to meet tough new US standards. The inner structure of the tub was reinforced. New “impact” bumpers with shock absorbers were smoothly integrated front and rear, introducing the new “short-hood” look, and the doors received new internal bracing to improve side-impact resistance. The revised front trunk space now contained a single battery and a collapsible spare tire nestled into its 21-gallon fuel tank.
Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe 1974

To meet US emissions requirements, US-specification Carreras used the same 175-horsepower engine with K-Jetronic fuel injection as the 911 S rather than the mechanically fuel-injected engine from the 1973 Carrera RS. That said, the new Carrera was still a muscular and good-looking machine, with flared fenders, wider wheels, and that iconic ducktail on the engine cover. It was also a stout performer, capable of reaching 60 mph from a standing start in just 6.5 seconds and topping out at 142 mph.
Originally sold in 1974 to Mr. Donald Sundman of Littleton, New Hampshire, this gleaming black Carrera was built in March of that year, finished in Special Order Black (Code 700) with a Midnight Leatherette (Code 11) interior. Options specified on this car included gold Carrera door stripes, sport seats, tinted glass all around, power windows, seven- and eight-inch wide forged Fuchs alloy wheels mounting Pirelli tires, and a rear ducktail spoiler, a feature introduced on its 1973 Carrera RS predecessor.