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Volkswagen Beetle 1303S 'Baja' 1974 - World Of Classic Cars -

Volkswagen Beetle 1303S 'Baja' 1974

A Baja Bug is an original Volkswagen Beetle modified to operate off-road, usually open desert, sand dunes and beaches. They originated in Southern California during the decade of free love where anything goes, the music was experimental and the cars often personalised. The Baja revolution in the late 1960s as an inexpensive answer to the successful Volkswagen-based dune buggies of the mid-1960s. Basic modifications were simple, the rear treatment leaves the engine exposed to aid cooling and a tubular steel cage (front and rear bumper) is fitted to the body and floor pan for protection of engine and occupants. The rugged torsion bar front and rear suspension standard on the Beetle, allows it to withstand the rigors of offroading and the rear ride height was easily raised slightly and stiffened to make clearance for larger heavy-duty off-road tires and wheels. The suspension was often extended to allow greater ground clearance and a more comfortable ride. But mostly, they were cool.