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Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab 4x4 Synchro 1992

A 16" Syncro Transporter is a rare vehicle. VW only produced around 300 examples in total (and this covers all body styles, panel van, mini bus, camper, Caravelle luxury bus, pick-up and double cab).
They never offered this model officially in Right Hand Drive! The only way you could have ordered one was if you had the right contacts within VW able to arrange a special commission.
The Transporter Syncro was equipped with the brilliant four-wheel drive system jointly created by VW
Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab 4x4 Synchro 1992

and the Austrian company renowned for its developments in the four-wheel drive arena, Steyr-Daimler-Puch. Proven vehicles, such as the small Haflinger, the 4x4 or 6x6 Pinzgauer and the Mercedes G-Wagen made VW sure of the fact SDP would be the best partner for their 4x4 Transporter project, which would become known as the Syncro.

What's a Syncro?

VW's Syncro system is based on the Ferguson Formula. It was very simple for the driver to use, as it did not require any additional levers to select between on and off-road requirements.
Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab 4x4 Synchro 1992

The Ferguson Formula relies on a Viscous Coupling Limited Slip Diffential as opposed to centrally mounted differential. On the VW Syncro the VC is mounted at the front in a differential assembly unique to Syncros. The VC housing contains two types of disc in a silicone fluid. An input shaft linked by a propshaft to the rear-mounted gearbox drives the VC.
The Syncro system is not technically a full-time 4x4, but is All-Wheel-Drive, as the VC comes into play to reduce loss of drive by distributing
Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab 4x4 Synchro 1992

power to the wheel that needs it. The Syncro basically adapts to the conditions and if it is slippery or muddy it automatically increases traction. If the rear wheels start to struggle for grip and spin the VC locks-up and puts more power to the front wheels.
The VW T25 Syncro was launch towards the end of 1985 and was soon to become a highly respected as a very competent off-road. However good it was the production process assured it was a costly purchase and this limited sales.
To produce a T25 Syncro VW had to make the body at its Hanover plant and then transport it 600 miles to SDP in Graz, Austria to have the mechanicals fitted. The vehicles were then delivered back to Hanover.
Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab 4x4 Synchro 1992

The total production figure of the Transporter Syncro was 43,468, of which just 2108 were Right Hand Drive. From this total, just 6849 were Crew Cabs. Now this is where things get very interesting, as VW also offered a more focused uprated version of the Syncro, the M625 or Syncro 16".
This was a superior version with uprated suspension, brakes (from a VW LT), longer trailing arms, longer steering arms, repositioned rear shock absorber mounts and 2 inches
Volkswagen Transporter Double-Cab 4x4 Synchro 1992

more ground clearance. It came with 16 inch instead of the normal 14 inch wheels. They also had a rear differential lock as standard and a strengthened body.
In total 2138 Syncro 16" vehicles were produced, of which around 300 were Crew Cabs.