vineri, 22 aprilie 2016

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Morgan 4/4 Sports 1975

The Morgan Plus 4 was the Morgan Motor Company's first car with four wheels, introduced in 1936 following the end of production of the famed three wheeled motorcycle engine models. Its model designation '4/4' stood for four wheels and four cylinders.
Apart from a break during World War II (and the period March 1951 to September 1955), the 4/4 has been in continuous production from its debut right up to the present day and its engine capacity has increased from the 1122cc Coventry Climax engine in 1936 to a 1.8 litre Ford engine by 2004.
Morgan 4/4 Sports 1975

Always a popular choice for sports car enthusiasts across the globe, the combination of the typically British 1930's styling with its flowing wings, modern performance and reliability have ensured the Morgan is as popular today as it ever has been.