vineri, 22 aprilie 2016

Best Cars - World Of Classic Cars -

What has happened to footballers’ cars these days? For a long time now, at the end of their gaudy watched wrists, they’ve held the wheels of Range Rovers, Ferraris and the footballer’s favourite – the Bentley Continental GT. And then, just in case no-one spots them off the field they tastelessly pimp them to match their tastelessly pimped clothes – think Mario Balotelli’s Camouflage wrapped Bentley or William Gallas’ Chrome McLaren Mercedes SLR.
OK, I’m generalising a little, there are some players who sometimes show bit more discernment. John Terry’s 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB, Del Piero’s Lancia Delta Integrale or Jurgen Klinsmann’s 1967 VW Beetle – he famously sent back the company BMW, asking why he needed such a posh car.
Well done to Klinsmann for sticking two fingers up to the supercar dress code of the modern day elite. In the late 60s it was a very different story as footballers blended into middle class suburbia with their beige car choices. Hillman Hunters, Triumph Heralds, Ford Anglias, Corsairs, Cortinas and Zephyrs.

But then along came George Best.
Best’s immense talent and boyish charisma catapulted him to become one of the first celebrity footballers. And the first footballer to wear his hair long – which earned him the nickname of ‘El Beatle’.
His riches bought him a Hollywood style house (in Cheshire of course), a string of glamorous girlfriends, alcoholism and a bevvy of gloriously cool cars.
While other footballers were dreaming of Capris, Best was driving a Silver Ghost, a Lotus Europa, a Merc W112 or one of many E-types. The boy from the back streets of Belfast had an eye for all things beautiful and the modern day Premier League could learn a lesson or two in automotive style from Best’s wonder years.
We all know about the sad demise of George. When the bubble burst for him after a stint in the US he arrived back at Heathrow in 1981 with one suitcase and £1,000. When asked what happened to the money he had earned, Best replied ‘I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered’.