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Mercury Monterey Sun Valley Coupe 1954

The 1954 Mercury line saw the introduction of a new milestone model, the Sun Valley, which was a standard Monterey Hardtop Coupe fitted with a Plexiglas section over the front half of the roof. It was one of the most attractive body styles of the year and among the most expensive, at a price of $2,562 pricier than any Mercury save the convertible. Less than 9,800 Sun Valleys were built and sold in 1954.
The car presented here, from Howard and Norma Weaver’s esteemed collection, appears to be a very original and well-preserved car that has benefited from a thorough and accurate restoration. The body is in excellent condition, with fine fit of its panels and only minor signs of age to its correct Parklane Green and Arctic White finish. The chrome and stainless trim is in good condition, with only a few minor blemishes. The roof panel and door glass are virtually free from scratches and blemishes. The interior is finished in complementary shades to the body and also shows scarcely any wear.
Mercury Monterey Sun Valley Coupe 1954

No 1950s automobile would be complete without a raft of options, and this car includes the Merc-O-Matic transmission, power steering and brakes, AM radio, a clock, bumper guards, and rear fender skirts. The inside of the trunk features the correct mat and spare tire, and the original and correct carburetor, air cleaner, and windshield wipers are still present.