luni, 25 aprilie 2016

Ford Escort RS Cosworth Big Turbo 1995 - World Of Classic Cars -

Ford Escort RS Cosworth Big Turbo 1995

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth was released in 1992 just as the Sierra Sapphire 4X4 Cosworth production was ending. The radical styling that included flared arches and the unmissable whale tail rear spoiler, displayed only a small part of the potential however, that potential was fulfilled by the fitment of the Ford power unit that lay under the bonnet boosted by a turbo charger.  Production commenced in February 1992 with the first 2,500 being homologation specials. The Cosworth was entered into the World Rally Championship the following year, enjoying outstanding success in the hands of works drivers François Delecour and Miki Biasion. Although the RS Cosworth resembled the Escort road car, it was in fact based on a shortened Sierra 4x4 floor pan and used the latter's running gear. This meant that, unlike the mainstream Mk. V Escort, the RS Cosworth mounted its engine fore-and-aft rather than transversely, it also used the Sierra 4x4's five-speed manual transmission which featured permanent four-wheel drive that split the power 34/66 front/rear. In road trim, the RS Cosworth produced 227bhp and with that horsepower in a nimble, compact car, performance was outstanding. The end came too early for many enthusiasts with production ceasing in January 1996. Only 7,145 cars were produced over a four-year period.