luni, 25 aprilie 2016

Daimler E20 Limousine 1936 - World Of Classic Cars -

Daimler E20 Limousine 1936

The E20 was manufactured between 1935 and 1939. It offered the choice of coachbuilt Saloon, Sports Saloon, Fixedhead Coupé and Drophead Coupé bodies on a notably stiff box section chassis that featured integral lubrication and jacking systems. The model was powered by an OHV straight-six engine with output of 19.3HP - sufficient for a top speed of almost 70mph. This was mated to a four-speed pre-selector gearbox via Daimler's patented fluid flywheel. Suspension was by semi-elliptic springs and beam axles all round and braking by Girling servo-assisted drums. The total production of E20s was some 873, of which some 35 are known to have survived, making it a rare car today. Daimlers were the sole royal appointment cars up to 1950 and this magnificent 1936 example is very much in this tradition.