miercuri, 9 martie 2016

Morris Commercial ‘G2SW’ Super Six London Taxi 1938 - World Of Classic Cars -

Morris Commercial ‘G2SW’ Super Six London Taxi 1938

Morris-Commercial began building London Taxis to comply with Metropolitan Police regulations in 1928. The G2SW 'Senior-Six' introduced in 1938 is unusual in being one of only two models of London taxi to have a six-cylinder engine; its predecessor, the Morris-Commercial G2S 'Junior-Six being the other. The engine of this taxi is an overhead valve Morris unit and mated to a four-speed synchromesh gearbox, a worm drive rear axle and rod-operated brakes. The body is the standard factory landaulet manufactured by Morris Bodies Ltd. and trimmed in leather/cloth with leather seat facings. It is thought that less than 100 Morris-Commercial G2SW taxis were made before the war halted production and this example is one of only three known to have survived making it incredibly rare.