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Austin Heavy 12/4 Low Loader London Taxi 1939 - World Of Classic Cars -

Austin Heavy 12/4 Low Loader London Taxi 1939

The 'Low Loader' as it was generally known in the London cab trade was the most widespread model of taxi in London during the 1930s with over 4,000 being built between 1934 and 1939. Several makers produced bodies for the Low Loader, the most common being Jones Brothers of Westbourne Grove and Strachan of Acton. This particular taxi was built by Strachan for the fleet of the London General Cab Company of Brixton who trimmed the taxi themselves to a more economical standard. The 'General' Strachan body is identified by the oval rear window and the absence of an armrest in the rear seat and is equipped with a side valve four-cylinder engine and a four speed manual gearbox with synchromesh on third and fourth gear, a worm drive rear axle and rod-operated brakes.