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Lincoln Premier Convertible 1956

Lincoln offered a complete restyle in 1956, nearly doubling their sales. Debuting in September 1955, the new Lincoln was inspired by the Futura show car. They were seven inches longer and three inches wider, with sharp angular lines, slab sides, and tasteful rear fins. Lincoln finally caught up with other manufacturers and offered a wraparound windshield for the first time—the biggest in the industry. The new Premiere was offered in two-door hardtop, two-door convertible, and four-door sedan body styles, and it was now Lincoln’s top-of-the-line model, relegating the Capri to second-class status. The company boldly referred to the car as being “the longest, lowest, most powerful, most wanted Lincoln of all time.”
Lincoln Premier Convertible 1956

Period advertising claimed that women considered Lincoln “easier to drive than even a small car.” This was in no small attempt to play catch-up with rival Cadillac and broaden its market appeal, yet sales remained only a third that of Cadillac, adding to the model’s desirability today.
In addition to the updated styling, the Premiere rode on a new chassis with full box-section rails, while the V-8 engine grew to 368 cubic inches and 285 horsepower with dual exhausts. At a cost of $4,747, before options, this is one of just 2,447 Premiere convertibles produced for 1956, making it the rarest of the Lincolns made this year. The attractive body style, considered Lincoln’s most handsome of the 1950s, lasted just two years, only to be replaced by an even larger unitized construction model for 1958. Its good looks were recognized by the Industrial Designers Institute, which awarded its first-ever honors to an automobile.
Lincoln Premier Convertible 1956

This stunning Premiere Convertible, originally built in Wayne, Michigan, benefits from a recent body-off, rotisserie, nut-and-bolt restoration to factory-correct specification. With an exterior painted in an oh-so-Fifties, correct Code 28 Taos Turquoise and a new Haartz canvas roof, it has been fitted with a reproduction two-tone turquoise-and-white leather interior. For driving pleasure, it is equipped with power steering, power brakes, power windows, and four-way power seat control.
According to the consigner, the original True Power V-8 and Turbo-Drive automatic transmission have been rebuilt, and all mechanical parts, wiring, brake lines, weather stripping and exhaust have been replaced or restored to correct specifications. In addition, bumpers and other chrome parts were stripped and re-chromed, a number of gold trim pieces re-plated, and all stainless steel trim re-polished.