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Fiat Nuova 500 F Berlina 1967 - World Of Classic Cars -

Fiat Nuova 500 F Berlina 1967

The Nuova 500 was designed by Dante Giacosa, who was also responsible for its predecessor, the Cinquecento or Topolino (little mouse) as the public immediately christened it. The Nuova is a masterpiece of packaging, the rear-wheel drive, rear-engined layout leaving a remarkably uncluttered cabin with adequate room for four passengers, despite the diminutive length of just 9.74ft. At its introduction in 1957 the little Fiat was powered by a twin-cylinder engine of 479cc and just 13bhp, but by the time of the later 500 F the capacity had grown to 499.5cc and the output to 22bhp - sufficient for a maximum speed of around 60mph combined with a fuel consumption of over 50mpg.