luni, 7 martie 2016

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Fiat Barchetta 2005

Fiat's Barchetta (Italian for 'little boat') was developed between 1990-94 under project name 'Tipo B Spider 176' culminating in a two door roadster with deft and distinctive styling flare. Powered by the well proven and lively 1.7 litre, four-cylinder, 16v engine, the Barchetta was good for 130bhp and 124mph. Whilst being no slouch, the Barchetta exhaust boasts a pleasing rasp and the driving experience gives the sensation that the car is even faster than it really is. Sold only in lefthand drive, bankruptcy ceased manufacturing by Maggiora in May 2002 and Fiat resurrected the Barchetta with a Phase Two model during 2004 built at its Mirafiori plant in Turin before ending production soon after in June 2005 .