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Ferrari 512 BBi 1984

Ferrari built its first horizontally opposed engine in 1964, a 12-cylinder, 1.5-liter Formula One unit with 11:1 compression, Lucas fuel injection, and 210 horsepower at 11,000 rpm. Called “boxers,” the term originated in reference to early Volkswagen and Porsche engines whereby the pistons opposed each other, much like sparring fighters.
The 365 GT4 BB came along in 1974. The name translated to 365 cubic centimeters per cylinder, grand touring, four-cam Berlinetta Boxer. The 4.4-liter flat-12 was mid-mounted, and it was the first Ferrari use of a toothed belt to drive the overhead camshafts. Like its predecessors, the 365 GT4 BB used steel for the main structure and aluminum for the hood, doors, and engine access cover. New were fiberglass lower panels painted flat black regardless of the body color. Suspension was all independent, along with a multi-tube chassis using square and rectangular sections that were much easier for the factory to fabricate.
Ferrari 512 BBi 1984

Ferrari built upon the success of the 365 GT4 BB beginning in late 1976 with the introduction of the 512 BB. The name reverted to Ferrari’s more typical liters/cylinders numbering. The new 512 featured a small chin spoiler in front, NACA ducts on the lower body sides ahead of the rear wheels, four taillights (in lieu of six), and a tail 1.5 inches longer. The flat-12 was upsized to 4,942 cubic centimeters, and horsepower increased to 360. In total, Ferrari built 929 of the 512 BB from 1976–1981.
The final version, the 512 BBi, like this example, was produced from 1981–1984 with 1,007 built over the model run. As the most refined version, it proved the most popular, too, as Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection was fitted along with a Digiplex ignition system. Visually, the car remained highly similar to its predecessor, though it benefitted tremendously in drivability. Sergio Scaglietti, whose firm made the bodies, noted, “It was something special. It was the last car where we made everything by hand.”
Ferrari 512 BBi 1984

Painted in the classic scheme of Rosso Corsa over tan leather. It remains exceptionally original, including all upholstery and glass, though both front and rear bumpers were improved to Euro-style and painted Rosso Corsa along with the roof spoiler and boxer trim in 1985.
It was shipped from Modena, Italy, via Lufthansa cargo to Walnut Creek Ferrari in Los Angeles, arriving on October 14, 1983, and it was then sold to Robert Blair by Ferrari of Los Gatos on June 25, 1984. Acquired by its second owner around 1997, it was maintained and cared for by Waterfront Automobili through 2015. Most recently, the BBi benefits from an engine-out service completed by Sport Classic and Competition of Abita Springs, Louisiana, totaling in excess of $32,700, which includes a NOS exhaust system and Michelin TRX tires.