luni, 2 mai 2016

The Best Movies On Wheels - World Of Classic Cars -

Fast and furious 6

 Usually when you get to the sixth film in a franchise it’s being shot in 4D and is probably starring Michael Caine in a movie he’ll never watch. With the Fast and Furious films the sixth is the best so far. A crazy mix of high speed car stunts and high jinx. It features an Interceptor, a Camaro, a Mark 1 Escort and the mighty Plymouth Barracuda. Crack open a beer, a box of popcorn, slip your brain into neutral and enjoy!

Love the beast 

Eric Bana is well known to us through movies such as Chopper, the Castle and Munich. What was less well known to us was the fact he was totally in love with motor racing. Love the Beast is his homage to speed, friendship and Australia. The sometimes baffling bond we build with our cars can be a mystery to some and is best articulated by one of Eric’s mates, ‘I’ve never known anyone who’s had a car for so long that is such a heap of shit’.


The best driver to come out of South America? Universally people will tell you it’s a Brazilian called Ayrton Senna. But there was another charismatic, swashbuckling driver who emerged from the Americas in the nineties. Uruguayan, Gonzalo Rodriguez is widely regarded as one of the finest drivers never to have raced in F1. This moving documentary about his life is well worth a stream.

All this mayhem 

Four wheel mayhem again but this one focuses on the world of professional skateboarding. The Aussie Pappas brothers take their special brand of crazy to the US with fairly explosive results. A thrilling ride with more than its fair share of moving moments.


The mentality required to race around on a 500cc bike at extraordinary speeds is close to madness. This film captures the mindset that is required to succeed. High octane racing at its best.