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Packard Convertible 1954

Packard’s 1954 model year was the last for the John Reinhart-designed “high pockets” styling first introduced in 1951. It featured a larger and improved grille with a more imposing appearance, and each of the company’s Senior models was given its own unique name and powered by the nine-main-bearing L-head eight-cylinder engine, a silky-smooth mill previously used in limousines. Among these offerings was the Packard Convertible, which featured distinctive chrome side trim and logos. It sold only about 863 copies; very few of those are known to survive today.
Packard Convertible 1954

The current owner of this convertible notes that he believes the car originally came from a southern state or California, as it is absolutely rust free. It was eventually restored in its present hue of Chariot Red and for many years was the property of a husband and wife from Brampton, Ontario, who were active Packard Club members. The owner had pursued the car for some years and, following the wife’s passing, was able to acquire it for his collection.
During his tenure, the car was fitted with a fresh new black-and-red leather interior, contrasting to the red finish and black top. It has continued to be a handsome and reliable car for cruising, with power steering and brakes making it easy to drive around town. An AM radio and heater provide ample entertainment and comfort.