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Kaiser-Darrin Roadster 1954

The Kaiser-Darrin was America’s first production fiberglass sports car, with its prototype built before the Corvette, although production did not begin until 1954. It was powered by the reliable Willys six-cylinder engine, and its design became a legend of 1950s motoring, with sweeping front fenders that plunged behind the doors into a ‘Darrin dip’, a split windshield, and a distinctive ‘rosebud’ grille, which, it was commented, always looked like it wanted to give someone a kiss. Most fascinating of all were Darrin’s beloved ‘pocket’ doors, which slid forward into the front fenders to permit entry and exit. Designer Howard Darrin promoted sliding doors for decades, claiming that they were a very safe alternative as they did not open into traffic. They were never an idea that’s time had come, and they were the Kaiser-Darrin’s trademark, being its best-remembered feature.
Kaiser-Darrin Roadster 1954

The shame was that the dashing Kaiser-Darrin came at the end of its manufacturer Kaiser-Frazer’s decade-long lifespan. The snazzy roadster wound up being a one-year-only offering, with only 435 produced.
Presented here is one of the few Kaiser-Darrins known in Europe. It was acquired in the United States two years ago by the consignor, from an owner in California, and was subsequently fully restored by the European restoration shop High Class Auto in the original colour combination of Champagne with a Red interior.