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Jaguar XK 140 SE Fixed Head Coupé 1955 - World Of Classic Cars -

Jaguar XK 140 SE Fixed Head Coupé 1955

In October 1954, the Jaguar XK 120’s replacement was launched and given the name XK 140. The new car offered more interior space, a result of the engine being moved forward three inches, and more precise rack-and-pinion steering was fitted. The fixed head coupé iteration offered 2+2 seating. The standard engine produced 190 brake horsepower, whilst the Special Equipment (SE) version, with the C-Type head, produced 210 brake horsepower and had a top speed in excess of 135 mph.
The XK 120 was lauded the world over and tremendously successful in motor racing, so it is no surprise that Jaguar decided to carry over the best elements of the 120 when introducing the XK 140. And so Jaguar offered the same three body styles as its predecessor: the drophead, the roadster (open two-seater), and the fixed head coupé.
Jaguar XK 140 SE Fixed Head Coupé 1955

According to its JDHT certificate, the XK 140 SE Fixed Head Coupé presented here was originally finished in Birch Grey and exported to the United States in 1955. Today is finished in a stunning shade of dark blue with red leather hide. It is in very nice condition. The car benefited from over €10.000 worth of mechanical renovation in 2014 to bring it up to its current standard. The car is fitted with Schroth seatbelts, a fire extinguisher in the passenger foot well, a stop clock, and a battery isolator key.