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Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 'Super D-500' Coupe 1957 - World Of Classic Cars -

Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 'Super D-500' Coupe 1957

Dodge offered its top-of-the-line Custom Royal series for the 1957 model year with either the standard Red Ram V-8 engine or the optional, high-performance D-500 engine. When fitted with optional dual-barrel carburetors, the D-500 was referred to as the Super D-500—and super it was, with an output of some 310 horsepower. Advertising bragged of the Dodge’s “New low look! New safety-strength design! More fine-car features than any other car at its price! Now see the new queen of automotive fashion…the long, low, lovely Dodge Custom Royal for ’57! Drive and ride in the all-new luxury of the biggest, finest Dodge of all.”
Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 'Super D-500' Coupe 1957

The hardtop Royal Lancer Coupe presented here is one of very few known with the Super D-500 engine and is additionally well optioned in many other ways, including the Power-Flite automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, power seat, power windows, a radio with dual antennas, and, the most desirable feature, factory air conditioning.
The Dodge is one of the most striking automobiles in Mr. Weaver’s collection and has been restored in recent years; it remains in fine overall condition, including a virtually blemish-free finish of the Glacier White and Velvet Blue paint, as well as the optional leather interior with cloth inserts. Even the dashboard, door panels, carpet, and headliner show few signs of wear. Under the hood is very clean and well detailed, with correct dual carburetors and proper air cleaners.

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