sâmbătă, 23 aprilie 2016

Classic logos: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio - World Of Classic Cars -

The Alfa Romeo quadrifoglio (or cloverleaf to you and I) is the symbol for their high performance models (much in the same vein as the BMW M series). It came into being when in 1923 when Ugo Sivocci, team mate of Enzo Ferrari and Alberto Ascari, was suffering a run of bad luck. To try and break his jinx he painted a four-leaf clover onto his Alfa. For the notoriously superstitious Italian it paid instant dividends and he won his next race. The team adopted the emblem and went on a winning streak. Ugo’s luck was to run out when he was testing, he want off track in a car that wasn’t carrying the quadrifoglio and was killed. The marque adopted the logo permanently in his honour and his number 17 was never again used by Italian racing teams.