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Chrysler Royal Town and Country Station Wagon 1950

Chrysler had emerged from the immediate post-war era as a true powerhouse of upscale American automobile manufacturing by 1950. The Chrysler model line was diverse and well engineered, and, most of all, it challenged the competition to create cars that could compete on equal terms with the new Chryslers. The marque offered, as its advertising copy proclaimed, “America’s Finest for 1950,” and its models included the Royal, Windsor, Saratoga, and New Yorker, as well as the Town and Country, which remained the top-of-the-line model. However, the Town and Country was slowly being phased out to allow Chrysler to place greater emphasis on its other cars.
Chrysler Royal Town and Country Station Wagon 1950

Generally speaking, the differences between Chrysler models at this time amounted to different engines, wheelbase lengths, or trim levels. The Royal Town and Country Station Wagon was a car that bridged the gap for Chrysler as the Town and Country’s popularity waned. In fact, 1950 was the last model year that Chrysler offered a true wood-bodied car, with 599 of this style produced. Consequently, few 1950 Chrysler Royal Town and Countries survive today, and fewer still are as attractive as the example presented here.
The Pagoda Cream car is very attractive throughout and continues to benefit from a nice older restoration. The exterior finish is accented by extensive brightwork, a driver’s side spotlight, period-style wide whitewall tires, and painted steel wheels with bright trim rings and hubcaps, as well as eye-catching and beautifully finished woodwork. The interior is trimmed in correct alligator-patterned upholstery complemented by recently restored interior woodwork, while the trademark Chrysler steering wheel, dash, instruments, and controls are complete and correct. The engine bay is well detailed in its overall appearance as well, with the minor exception of a modern battery and hose clamps.