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Buick Special Convertible 1958

The Arthur Kudner Agency handled Buick’s advertising, and they came up with some attention-grabbing names for the latest styling developments. The 1958 design was “The Air-Borne B-58 Buick” (a tip of the cap to America’s frontline nuclear bomber), and from its Fashion-Aire Dynastar Grille, Vista Vision quad headlamps, and Gunsight front-fender ornaments to its reverse-canted, heavily chrome-laden fins, the new Buick practically shouted, “Look at me!”
It was a noteworthy year for Buick on many fronts. It was the first year for the aforementioned quad headlamps, the last for the storied Dynaflow transmission (after four million built), and the first and last for what Buick called “Air Poise” suspension at all four corners. It was also the first year since 1948 that Buicks were built without their trademark “ventiports” on the front fenders, and a 1958 model was the one-millionth Buick equipped with power brakes. Power-boosted or not, finned aluminum front brake drums gave Buick the best stopping power of any American car, and even the Special’s 240-horsepower motor made it very competitive against anything in its class.
Buick Special Convertible 1958

Our Special Convertible was originally sold new to James Grant Sharpe, of Alamance, North Carolina. It was eventually brought to California, where a dealer purchased it and kept it until its acquisition by the present owner. He was pleased to find that the car was completely rust-free, making for an easy basis for a cosmetic restoration in the original color scheme of Carlsbad Black with Red leather interior; paint and chrome were redone throughout, while the interior is partially original. The engine was rebuilt several years ago, and the owner happily notes that it still runs well.
Equipment includes the optional Dynaflow automatic transmission; power steering, brakes, and top; a modern refit radio; and all-new wire wheels shod in radial tires. Finding the original spare in the trunk, the owner remounted the original tire on a fifth new wire wheel so that it remains original yet also matches the other wheels.