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Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe 1996

Two decades before the introduction of the Type 993, Porsche introduced turbocharging to its road-going automobiles with the 911 Turbo in 1975. Known for its manic performance in its early years, the Turbo became more and more civilized with every generation, though always retaining its incredible performance. By the time the 993 Turbo was introduced in 1995, the 911 was regarded as the gold standard of sports cars, with the Turbo leading the Porsche lineup.
The 993 Turbo marked a number of firsts for the Turbo models. It was the first example to utilize twin turbocharging, as well as the first to sport all-wheel drive, helping put the massive 408 horsepower down on the road. A sprint from 0–100 km/h took just 4.5 seconds, leading to a top speed of 180 mph—very respectable figures even for today. For many, it was the perfect daily driver as well: seating for four, a boot big enough for the average shopping trip, incredible performance coupled with respectable fuel consumption, and four-wheel drive to handle the car’s power as well as the occasional snow storm. There was seemingly nothing that a Turbo could not do!
Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe 1996

This particular example is a 1996 model, finished in Polar Silver over the desirable Metropol Blue leather interior.
Already established as an emerging collectible, the Type 993 is renowned by collectors for its incredible driving dynamics and iconic looks. Among the available model lineup, the Turbo remains one of the most desirable of 911s.