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Morris Minor 1000 Convertible 1967 - World Of Classic Cars -

Morris Minor 1000 Convertible 1967

Sir Alec Issigonis' concept was to combine the luxury and convenience of a good motor car at a price affordable by the working classes. The Minor was a roomy vehicle with superior cornering and handling characteristics. The Minor prototype had been known as the Morris Mosquito. More than 1.3 million of the lightweight, rear-wheel drive cars were eventually produced, mainly in Cowley, Oxfordshire, becoming Britain's first car to sell a million units and was exported around the world. Production continued in Birmingham until 1972 with the last Morris Minor (commercial) was assembled at Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand in 1974. The front torsion bar suspension was shared with the larger Morris Oxford as was the almost-unibody construction. Although the Minor was originally designed to accept a flat-4 engine with four distinctive gaps in the engine bay to accommodate it, late in the development stage it was replaced by a 918cc side-valve inline-four engine.

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