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Lamborghini Murciélago LP640-4 Coupe 2007 - World Of Classic Cars -

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640-4 Coupe 2007

As the first all-new Lamborghini built under the tutelage of parent company Audi, the Murciélago was a huge step forward for the then-fledgling Italian supercar manufacturer. Finally able to compete on a level playing field with Ferrari and Porsche, the Murciélago showed that Lamborghini could produce cars that combined incredible performance and visual panache with the reliability its customers expected.
Lamborghini released the first major update to the Murciélago at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the Murciélago LP640-4, for its output of 640 horsepower with four-wheel drive, the LP640 brought a welcome boost in performance to the already fast Murciélago. To the casual observer, the LP640 was largely the same as its predecessor both inside and out, but the beauty was in the details. The car received new front and rear bumpers along with restyled taillights, with the largest visual identifier being its massive singular central-mounted exhaust outlet. Similar to the first generation Murciélago and other contemporary supercars like the Ferrari 599 GTB, the majority of the Murciélago LP640s produced were fitted with paddle-shift transmissions, while only a handful of clients opted for the “standard” six-speed manual option.
Lamborghini Murciélago LP640-4 Coupe 2007

Finished in the seldom-seen and striking shade of Oro Adonis over a black leather interior, this is one of just 26 U.S.-specification LP640 coupes fitted with a six-speed manual transmission. Inside, it is finished in black leather with the optional contrast “Q-Citura” quilted stitching adding a touch of class. It is outfitted with numerous other additional options including a glass engine cover, yellow brake calipers, and the Branding package, adding embossed emblems to both headrests. Additionally, the car sports a navigation system and an upgraded and professionally installed sound system, installed by a previous owner and Lamborghini collector. Further separating it from the rest, the engine bay is signed by famed Lamborghini factory test-driver Valentino Balboni.
The LP640 remains in incredible overall condition, clearly having been well cared for its entire life.