luni, 14 martie 2016

Jaguar XJ-S 1987 - World Of Classic Cars -

Jaguar XJ-S 1987

That Jaguar's XJS will become a 'bona fide' classic is beyond doubt. Launched in 1975, its twenty one year production life was a testimony to the excellence of its basic design. With all round independent coil sprung suspension, power assisted rack and pinion steering, disc brakes and its excellent ride/handling balance it was justifiably praised by the contemporary motoring press. The XJS's superlative 5.3 litre engine developed some 295bhp in later fuel injected form and when allied to automatic transmission gave an authoritative 150mph performance. The targa element of the car was often preferred over the straight convertible as it added more torsional rigidity thus resulting in the car being a delight to drive.