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Ferrari 599 SA Aperta 2011

The 599 GTB Fiorano, produced from 2006 to 2012, replaced the 575M Maranello in Ferrari’s lineup as the brand’s two-seat flagship model. Styled by Ferrari’s Frank Stephenson under the direction of Pininfarina, the 599 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006. Like the 575 and the 550 Maranello before it, the 599 model range would also be joined by a limited edition, open-top variant, the SA Aperta. The limited production of just 80 models was in homage to the 80th Anniversary of Pininfarina.
Special considerations were taken in designing the SA Aperta as an open car. The low-slung steeply raked windshield is extremely strong to provide rollover protection, and the suspension geometry is lowered to improve aerodynamics. The sail panels, while still in place, are neatly integrated into the outside profile of the two roll bars that protect both the driver and passenger. Using finite element analysis and carbon fiber, the SA Aperta chassis has been redesigned to provide the same structural integrity as the closed berlinetta.
Ferrari 599 SA Aperta 2011

To appreciate the SA Aperta, it is perhaps best to compare it to its spiritual predecessor, the 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider. Both cars are front-engine V-12 GTs with exotic pedigree and open tops, produced in limited numbers with Ferrari’s best clientele in mind. The Daytona Spider was capable of a 0–60 mph time of 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 174 mph. Some 40 years later, the 599 GTB sprints from 0–60 mph in 3.6 seconds while offering a top speed in excess of 202 mph!
The 599 SA Aperta is equipped with Ferrari’s F1-style sequential electronic gearbox, referred to as “Superfast,” aptly named as it ticks off shifts using the steering wheel paddles in only 100 milliseconds. Power is supplied by a 5,999–cubic centimeter front-engine V-12 sourced from the 599 GTO, producing 661 horsepower—at the time of introduction, Ferrari’s most powerful street engine offered to date. Also included is Ferrari’s SCM Magnetorheological Suspension System, the first time this has been used on a Ferrari road car. It is capable of reacting 10 times faster than a conventional electronic suspension system, aiding in high-performance handling. Another available first is Ferrari’s F1 Trac, a traction control and launch control system previously enjoyed only by Ferrari’s F1 drivers. Even though the car shares many of the components of the hardcore 599 GTO, it is slightly softer and more comfortable to drive, making it more livable on long journeys and giving it a more friendly personality overall.
Ferrari 599 SA Aperta 2011

All 80 examples produced were sold prior to delivery, making this among the rarest of modern-day Ferraris, no doubt adding to its collectability.
Finished in the hugely desirable and extra-cost exterior color of Rosso Fuoco with a Nero top and leather interior with special thick stitching, it goes without saying that this 599 SA Aperta is instantly recognizable as one of Maranello’s finest.