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Ferrari 512 BBi 1984

The addition of the letter “i” into the nomenclature of the Ferrari 512 BB signified a big change for Ferrari’s Berlinetta Boxer: replacement of the tried-and-true Weber carburetors with a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel-injection system. This new model was first seen at the 1981 Frankfurt Salon and remained in production until 1984. Hailed as making the Berlinetta Boxer much more user friendly, just 1,007 examples were produced before production transitioned to the Testarossa.
While the new fuel-injection system was the hallmark change of the 512 BBi, Ferrari made a handful of cosmetic upgrades as well. Exposed driving lights were fitted in the nose, while the aluminum egg-crate grille was shortened. At the rear, rectangular parking lights were fitted in a new shroud for the exhaust.
Ferrari 512 BBi 1984

This particular 512 BBi is a highly desirable, late-1984 model that was purchased and first imported by Rubin Shapiro of Bondville, Vermont, on July 17, 1984. Shortly thereafter, it was purchased by Dr. Jerry Molitor of Mendham, New Jersey, who showed the car at the 1985 Ferrari Club of America Annual Meet at Watkins Glen, winning 1st in Class. Dr. Molitor owned the car for at least three years before it was purchased by Herb Wolf of Englewood, New Jersey, in August of 1988. The car remained in his ownership for another four years before it was sold again to William Gray of Malvern, Pennsylvania, on November 27, 1992.
Ferrari 512 BBi 1984

Gray would go on to own the car for the next 21 years, and during this time, the car was meticulously maintained by Algar Ferrari of nearby Rosemont, Pennsylvania. During this time it received engine-out services in 1992, 2001, and 2011. The car was purchased by its current collector in 2013 and has been kept in a climate-controlled facility since then, remaining in highly original and incredibly well-preserved condition.
The car still sports its original coat of Rosso Corsa paint and original tan interior, with an incredibly rare tan dashboard.
Considered by many to be the most livable and easiest to use of the Berlinetta Boxer models, it’s no wonder that the 512 BBi has become one of the most collectable Ferraris of the 1980s.