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De Tomaso Pantera by Ghia 1974 - World Of Classic Cars -

De Tomaso Pantera by Ghia 1974

Even though Henry Ford II had won the Le Mans 24-hour race four times in the late 1960s, he still clamored for a street-legal exotic to round out his lineup. Ferrari had rebuffed him, and he was determined to get even. The purchase of De Tomaso, with coachworks Ghia and Vignale, was designed to do just that.
The result was the De Tomaso Pantera, angularly styled by American Tom Tjaarda to replace the handsome though poorly constructed Mangusta. The Pantera was to be sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealers for the relative bargain price of $10,000 in 1971. The prospects were good: a bulletproof 351–cubic inch Ford V-8 would be fitted to a mid-engined exotic sports car that would challenge Ferrari on the street
De Tomaso Pantera by Ghia 1974

While early cars were hampered with minor quality-control issues, Ford resolutely pressed on, and by 1974, the cooling and electrical problems were resolved just in time for the 1975 crash-test requirements that were impractical to meet. Approximately 5,500 Panteras were sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealerships, but then the Pantera faded into the grey market, with about 25 cars a year being produced until 1993, at which point they cost $112,328.
The Pantera shown here was comprehensively restored for a previous owner by Maranello Sports of Toronto, Ontario. The Pantera was also fitted with performance exhaust to unleash the aggressive tone of the Ford V-8. Receipts include refinishing the body and moldings, a complete engine rebuild, and restoring the interior in the original design, as well as information on upgraded suspension from the Pantera Performance Center. Inspecting the car closely shows no evidence of rust damage, a rarity on Panteras.