vineri, 25 martie 2016

Citroën 2CV6 1974 - World Of Classic Cars -

Citroën 2CV6 1974

The Citroën 2CV was born of a project that began before the Second World War to develop a truly new automobile. Prototypes were squirreled away during the war, in fear of the Axis powers discovering the groundbreaking design, and survived the conflict safely. The car was eventually introduced to the world in production form in 1948, and, as a testament to the tremendous success of its design, it remained in production, virtually unchanged, for a remarkable 52 years.
The car was designed as an affordable automobile that could easily cross rough country roads; the standard for its suspension, for instance, was that it could be driven across a freshly plowed field without breaking a basket of eggs carried within. The suspension itself is mounted horizontally underneath the car, resulting in amazing softness and flexibility over bumps and ruts. The wheels, in typical Citroën fashion, are tucked under the body but moved out to the far corners, further improving both ride and handling. Most amazing was the power that could be wrung out of the air-cooled flat twin-cylinder engine, which allowed the car to keep up with traffic via a four-speed transmission.
Citroën 2CV6 1974

This particular model, presented from the Craig McCaw Collection, represents its owner’s dedication to quality; even when selecting a relatively affordable model such as this, only the best example available was acceptable. It was found in this car, a 2CV6 with the larger and more powerful 602–cubic centimeter engine, which had been fully and beautifully restored by the foremost American marque specialists, 2CVsRus of Seattle, Washington.
The car presents as virtually brand new, in sparkling two-tone yellow and black with sparingly applied extruded aluminum and chromed plastic exterior trim. Minimalist and charming yet remarkably avant-garde, it is arguably one of the best 2CVs available for sale anywhere and would be a highlight of any discerning collection looking for an example of this landmark automotive design.