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Chrysler Town and Country Convertible 1947

The Chrysler Town and Country was introduced in 1941, but it was originally conceived in 1939 by Dave Wallace, who envisioned a wood-bodied car with the same basic lines as Chrysler’s steel-bodied models yet also had greater refinement, quality, panache, and a level of artistry that recalled a bygone era. In fact, its ash- and mahogany-framed body, which was hand-built with techniques more closely associated with fine wooden boat construction, projected an image of affluence and leisure that increased traffic at Chrysler dealerships nationwide.
For 1946, the convertible coupe variant was introduced, replacing the more utilitarian four-door station wagon. Heightened public interest in the new Chrysler model, enticed by a two-page spread in the widely read Saturday Evening Post, prevented the firm from making clay models or prototypes. As a result, the car was reportedly built just from sketches to meet looming production schedules.
Chrysler Town and Country Convertible 1947

Cosmetically, very little changed between 1946 and 1948, but plans were laid for the launch of the 1949 Chrysler models. The Town and Country Convertible was based on the upscale New Yorker series, yet it offered a wide variety of luxurious appointments in addition to the New Yorker’s many standard features. With a starting price of $3,420, the Town and Country Convertible was the most expensive Chrysler model available.
The 1947 model shown here was restored for its previous owner by the noted firm of Al Prueitt & Sons in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, from what is said to be a solid and excellent original car. The workmanship throughout is impressive and meticulous, including absolutely incredible correct woodwork, a beautiful finish in the proper factory color of Panama Sand, and superb fit and finish throughout, with excellent panel gaps and glistening chrome. The car even has numerous desirable options and accessories such as a power-operated convertible top, fog lights, a driver’s side spotlight, an AM radio, an exhaust extension, and a center bumper guard.