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Aston Martin DB6 1966

First shown at the 1965 London Motor Show, the DB6 was recently acknowledged by Octane magazine as “even better than the DB5.” With top speeds of 150 mph and ample room for four adult passengers, the DB6 is still thought of as one of the world’s best grand tourers.
Following the outstanding success of the DB5, Aston Martin took the evolutionary approach, retaining much of its predecessor’s appeal while being responsive to customer concerns that had beleaguered the earlier models. Both the DB4 and DB5 had been fitted with occasional rear seating, and to fit four adults in the saloons for an extended amount of time was uncomfortable. In order to remedy this, an extra 3.75 inches was added to the wheelbase, which also allowed the roofline to be raised a further inch. Rear suspension was also shortened, allowing for more elbowroom. The shape of the seats was changed to improve comfort and support while driving long distances, while the extended fastback design allowed for a further two inches of headroom. These adjustments allowed the DB6 to be marketed as a sumptuous and satisfying grand tourer.
Aston Martin DB6 1966

Additional structural changes addressed concerns that the DB5 was unstable at high speeds or in a crosswind. The most noticeable of these was the “Kammback tail” developed for stability at high speeds, yet more pronounced than seen on the Ferrari 250 GTO and 250 GT “Lusso,” which at the time was considered a very advanced aerodynamic design. Other changes were made to the rear axle, which, along with the extended chassis, improved stability greatly. Cosmetic changes included split “quarter bumpers” front and rear and remotely articulated opening front vent windows, with rear-quarter lights that echoed the design of the DB4GT Zagato. Air conditioning became a more popular though still relatively rare option. Notably, it is estimated that fewer than 800 left-hand drive DB6s left the factory between 1965 and 1970, of which, according to the Aston Martin Heritage Trust registrar, only approximately 140 examples were completed with factory air conditioning.
Aston Martin DB6 1966

The stunning DB6 presented here is a highly desirable factory left-hand-drive model, which has been lovingly reconditioned inside and out.
First delivered to the U.S. market on December 10, 1965, the car was ordered with optional Normalair air conditioning, chrome wheels, a Bosch Köln radio, and a heated rear window. Circa 2007, marque specialist Kevin Kay rebuilt the original six-cylinder engine and enhanced its power with an upgrade to 4.2-liter specification, complete with the correct triple SU carburetors.
Cosmetically, this DB6 received a bare-metal repaint in the summer of 2004 by Auto Restorations in New Zealand and is finished in Goodwood Green. Recently, correct diamond-patterned tan leather upholstery with green piping was expertly installed, providing the finishing touch to an already superb example. This particular car has competed and won numerous car shows, including the Wheels of Britain (Best of Show), and was a flawless performer in the 2015 Copperstate 1000. Owned for the past 12 years by a local Arizona European sportscar and Aston enthusiast, the car has received a recent mechanical service, while the rare and useful air conditioning utilizes a modern compressor and blows cold.