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Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 'Polizia' 1966

As one of the first true “sports saloons” ever made, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia four-door almost seemed pre-destined to become an ideal police car in its home country.
Naturally, the Italian polizia selected these high-spec models for patrol duty. The Polizia Giulia Super was swathed in what has become an iconic drab green paint scheme over saddle vinyl, and it was a ubiquitous sight in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s. Given the way they were used, it is hardly surprising that few remain today.
Presented here is a rare restored Giulia Super that has been recreated in remarkably authentic polizia “Squadra Volante” livery and specifications. It exhibits terrific attention to detail. Included with it are a vintage police radio, a siren ready to belt out its distinctive wail, and an operable single blue light that has been mounted to the center of its roof. During its restoration, the car was also updated with later Giulia bumpers and interior trim to conform to the look of the period covered during its career in cinema. The car was featured in numerous Italian films, including Marco Tullio Giordana’s 2012 Story of a Massacre, which chronicles the investigation surrounding the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing in Milan.
Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 'Polizia' 1966

Acquired by the consignor several years ago, he proceeded to thoroughly re-commission the Alfa to bring it up to an exceptional driving standard. With approximately $12,000 spent on an all-new suspension, the Webers were synchronized and balanced, with numerous other operational and cosmetic details attended to. It was also fitted with new Vredestein Sprint radials.
Most Alfisti agree that the Giulia Super Berlina performs as well as its berlinetta coupe counterpart for maximum entertainment on the road. This example has been comprehensively sorted to be driven hard, whether on a rally or to the local Cars & Coffee, while punching above its weight as the showpiece of an eclectic collection.