luni, 7 martie 2016

Alfa Romeo 2000 Series III Spider 1984 - World Of Classic Cars -

Alfa Romeo 2000 Series III Spider 1984

The Alfa Romeo Spider was manufactured from 1966 to 1993 and is widely regarded as a design classic, remaining in production for almost three decades having only minor aesthetic and mechanical changes. The first three series were assembled by Pininfarina in Grugliasco and the fourth series in San Giorgio Canavese; this was the last rear wheel drive Alfa Romeo. The Spider underwent a major styling revamp in 1983 which saw the introduction of black rubber front and rear bumpers. The front bumper incorporated the grille and a small soft rubber spoiler was added to the boot lid. Various other minor mechanical and aesthetic modifications were also made and the 1600 car dropped the 'Junior' name.