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Ferrari F1 046/2 Engine, 1997 - World Of Classic Cars -

Ferrari F1 046/2 Engine, 1997

The end of the 1990s would prove to be Ferrari’s return to the forefront of Formula 1. In 1996, Michael Schumacher would join the Scuderia, and one year later he was united by two of the sport’s greatest engineering minds, Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn. Schumacher finished 3rd in the Drivers’ Championship that year and had high hopes for the 1997 season. That year the Scuderia would win five races with Schumacher behind the wheel. He entered the final race of the year with a single point advantage over season-long rival Jacques Villeneuve. Unfortunately, the European Grand Prix did not finish as Schumacher and Ferrari had hoped, with Villeneuve ultimately taking the title. Regardless, the season was a resounding success for Ferrari and the starting point for their dominance of Formula 1.