duminică, 22 mai 2016

Rock Star Cars - World Of Classic Cars -

When it comes to owning a classic we’re suckers for a glamorous car history. We became obsessed with Paul McCartney’s Lamboghini Espada. We loved the idiosyncratic backstory of swapped number plates, visits to the bottom of lakes, hanging upside down in bars and we eventually tracked it down to Austria where it is being lovingly restored. Some cars are enriched by virtue of who owned them. Who wouldn’t love a jet black Roller that Johnny Cash drove, hitting the kill switch in Steve McQueen’s 911 or finding the hidden stash compartment in Keith Richard’s Bentley? Check out some of our favourite rock and roll cars.

Miles Davis and the Lamborghini Miura

The coolest man to ever pick up a trumpet also drove a Lamborghini Miura. The guy just couldn’t hit a bum note taste wise. He ended up totalling the Lambo and breaking both his ankles. Not to be put off he went straight out and bought another one. Sometimes we have to suffer for art.

Bryan Ferry and the Messerschmitt KR200

A young Mr Ferry looked suitably louche in his Messerschmitt KR200. A hard one to carry off and maybe not the safest for modern roads but it’s a great choice of wheels and has bags of charm.

Tom Petty and the Jaguar XJS

Tom Petty is rock star royalty. Anyone who released Damn the Torpedoes and had punch ups with their record company is alright in our books. The fact that he bought his wife an XJS also ranks highly in our eyes. We’re massive fans of this under-rated classic.

Dave Clark and the Jaguar E-Type

The E-Type was the car of choice for 60s hit parade regulars The Dave Clark Five. Or at least it was for Dave, I imagine the rest of the group were bundled into the back of a Ford Transit and left to fight over a Ginster’s pasty.

Johnny Cash and a cobbled together Cadillac

This car was built to promote the Johnny Cash song ‘one piece at a time’. The song tells the story about an assembly line worker who steals a Cadillac one piece at a time. A Nashville mechanic called Bruce Fitzpatrick actually built the car using the song as his manual. As you can tell the song was a little sketchy on some of the fundamental details and the car is a bit of a dog’s dinner. We definitely preferred the Roller he had.