luni, 16 mai 2016

Mercedes-Benz 250 SL Pagoda 1967 - World Of Classic Cars -

Mercedes-Benz has been producing an SL (Sport Leicht) model or range of models since 1954 when the landmark 300SL was unveiled.  The similarly styled, but mechanically unrelated, 190 followed in 1955, completing the first generation of cars.

Their successor was the W113 series SL which proved to be more comfortable than the former and faster than the latter. The 250SL is the rarest of all the SL's as they were only made for one year, of these, very few were fitted with a manual gearbox. The 250SL also had a far superior seven main bearing engine as opposed to four in the 230SL.

This beautiful example, presented in brilliant white with contrasting blue interior, accompanying blue hardtop and mohair hood, is a rare 250SL combined with the manual gearbox. It has undergone an extensive restoration in 2015 which leaves this iconic Pagoda in excellent condition today and well worth viewing. Boasting the original style carpets and original Becker radio, the vendor recently took the car to SS Motors, renowned Mercedes-Benz specialist who commented, "This is the nicest one I have seen in a long while".