luni, 16 mai 2016

Fetch The Car Philip - A Brief History Of Royal Cars -

When it comes to buying cars the Royal family have made some pretty good choices. The ability to choose is helped by the narrowness of the brief – ‘Buy British. Money no object’. This combination means they have avoided having to tool around the north circular in an over-heating Austin Allegro. For them it is the luxury of an Aston Martin and an empty road. Here is our look back at some of the best Royal cars.

The Queen and a Land Rover Defender

The Queen driving a Land Rover. Not sure how much more British you can get without dusting off the pearly suit and singing Rule Britannia from the top of Nelson’s column.

Princess Anne and a Range Rover

There is something impossibly cool about this shot. A Royal that has gone heavy on the 70s fashion in an old school Range Rover. Would look as good driving through east London today as it did back then.

Prince Charles and an Aston Martin DB6 MKII Vantage Volante 

A great car. An even better car if it’s gifted to you on your 21st birthday by the Queen. Recently used for William’s marriage to Kate. Seemingly used in this shot to pick up burgers from Wimpy. Arguably one of the most famous cars in the world.

The Duke of Edinburgh and a Lagonda DHC 

Prince Philip may have a questionable line in humour but his taste in cars is a little less contentious. This Lagonda is a fantastic car. Full of subtlety and class.

Prince Charles and an MGC 

The MGC is probably the closest that Charles has been to owning an everyday runaround. He recently passed the car down to William. For the money we think an Austin Healey 3000 would have been a better choice, but still a very cool car.