luni, 16 mai 2016

Cagiva Moke 1993 - World Of Classic Cars -

Designed by the Mini’s legendary creator Alec Issigonis, the Mini Moke was originally created for military use as an off-road vehicle that could be dropped from a plane with a parachute for troop landings. The civilian version followed in 1964, and cult classic status was assured after it was featured in numerous episodes of the classic television series The Prisoner, as well as in James Bond films, where fleets were frequently seen in villains’ lairs.

The majority of Mokes were manufactured in Australia until 1983, when output moved to Portugal. Manufacturing rights to the design were sold to the Italian firm Cagiva in 1991, and production continued in Portugal under that name for an additional two years.

The beautifully presented car presented here was one of the final Mokes built; its original body and components are beautifully preserved as a result, including the white finish and bespoke white leather upholstery with green piping and matching seatbelts, teak running boards, and Nardi wooden steering wheel. The Moke is even nicely equipped with a removable rollbar and full weather gear, allowing for year-round use at one’s yacht club or ranch.