marți, 17 mai 2016

Bond On A Budget - World Of Classic Cars -

If you’re a fan of James Bond, chances are you’ve already seen the films. They have a couple of fantasy cars that are pure 007, but neither the Aston DB10 or the Jag CX-75 will make it into production. But the ability to purchase them is irrelevant to most people. How many of us will be doing the school run in a DB5 or a 1935 Bentley Drophead? I’m willing to wager that these vehicles are out of the reach for most of us. But what of the Bond cars we can afford. Well, there are a few more than you think.

Sunbeam Alpine From

In the recent Casino Royale film Bond disappointed everyone by hiring himself a Ford Focus. Didn’t even try and upgrade it to something a bit more European like an Alfa, a Merc or a Citroen. Apparently he was happy with the offering and pootled off in the car of choice for middle England. It was almost as if he’d given up on life. Back in the time of Dr No things were more glamorous. Bond hired himself a Sunbeam Alpine. We have one of these at the club and they are a super cool little motor. Just shows you don’t need a boat load of cash to look the part.

Lotus Esprit

The Spy Who Loved Me helped put the Lotus Esprit on the bedroom walls of kids everywhere. Impossible not to love a car that could turn into a submarine. Also looked excellent in white. You can pick these up from £15k (not sure it’ll be watertight though). Although do your homework first or you might end up making your mechanic an incredibly wealthy man.

Alfa Romeo GTV6

Mr Bond shows some taste when he nicks one of these in Octopussy. A great looking car that is loads of fun. Buy one and you’ll be able to swagger through Sainsbury’s car park safe in the knowledge that you have a little secret service magic. Don’t forget the bags though, they cost 5p now.

Jeep Wagoneer

Features in a few short scenes in Moonraker but we’ll take any opportunity to talk up this mighty off-roader. While our favourite super-spy may be more of a Land Rover man, he certainly didn’t look out of place in this. The producers had a deal with AMC at the time (makers of some of the most god-awful lemons to ever place rubber on tarmac), so we can be thankful he wasn’t checking out the headroom in a Gremlin.

Triumph Stag

007 took charge of a Stag in Diamonds are Forever. This car wasn’t seen as an instant classic. And it certainly didn’t trouble the Merc SL in the sales stakes. But over time this has grown into a classic and Bond looks good in it. We say buy yourself one and fill the boot with diamonds. It will give you a bit of an edge.