sâmbătă, 21 mai 2016

Austin-Healey 100 BN1 1954 - World Of Classic Cars -

The Austin Healey 100 was built from 1953 until 1956 and developed by Donald Healey to be produced in-house by Healey's small car company in Warwick. Healey built a single Hundred for the 1952 London Motor Show and the design impressed Leonard Lord, Managing Director of Austin, so much, that a deal was struck with Healey to build it at Austin's Longbridge factory and renamed the Austin-Healey 100.

The name came from Donald Healey who selected it due to the car's ability to reach 100mph, as opposed to the Austin-Healey 3000, duly named for its 3,000cc engine. Production Austin-Healey 100s were finished at Austin's Longbridge plant. The 100 was the first of three models later called the Big Healey's to distinguish them from the much smaller Austin-Healey Sprite.

The first series 'BN1' were equipped with the same 90bhp engines and manual gearbox as the A90 although the transmission was modified to be a three-speed unit with overdrive on second and top. With only 6% of these early Healey's sold in the UK, their scarcity alone has made them hugely collectable, this combined with their competition potential in many of the worlds classic rallies makes for a desirable sportscar in any collection.

This Australian delivered righthand drive BN1 was bought into the UK in 2012 by a young businessman. His intention was to fully restore the car and tour the south of France with his father. Having sourced a car from the dry climate of Kirrawee, New South Wales, it was immediately set about by renowned Healey specialists, JME Healeys of Warwickshire.

JME's initial remit was to make the car both reliable and comfortable for what would have been a long pan-European jaunt. The mechanical work list included a complete suspension overhaul, steering, brakes overhaul, new rear axle, clutch and gearbox overhaul, fuel system, electrical, chassis repairs and finally a full service, the work was to be undertaken with a blank chequebook philosophy with labour alone costing £7,700.