luni, 16 mai 2016

Alfa Romeo RZ by Zagato 1993 - World Of Classic Cars -

Alfa Romeo and Carrozzeria Zagato revived the SZ, or Sprint Zagato, name at the 1989 Geneva Salon. First in coupé form and later as a roadster, the Type ES-30 SZ/RZ was also a joint project of Alfa Romeo and Fiat. Both models were based on the floorpan and drivetrain of the Alfa 75. With the exception of its aluminium alloy roof panel, the coupé’s bodywork was thermo-plastic, injection-moulded composite. After 1,036 SZ coupés were delivered, an open version, called the RZ (for Roadster Zagato), followed.

Both were powered by the Alfa 75’s fuel-injected V-6 four-cam engine, which developed a potent 210 horsepower, sent through a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle. The rally tuned suspension was fully independent in front with a de Dion rear axle with Watt’s linkage in the rear, lending excellent handling qualities. The Zagato’s four-wheel disc brakes could easily haul the car down from its estimated 243 km/h top speed. While the styling of the SZ and RZ stirred some controversy when the car was introduced, today it is considered very modernistic, and these luxuriously trimmed high-performance sports cars are much sought after.

This fine example, number 145 in the series, was purchased from the factory by Italian Alfa dealer Var Auto and was displayed at the firm’s showroom in Beinette in the Province of Cuneo, Italy. In 2002, it was sold to a German specialist on behalf of a British client and was shipped to the United Kingdom. That gentleman, Andrew Ramsey, retained the car until it was acquired by the consignor.